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A Better Work Environment = Fewer Worker's Comp Claims

Ergonomic Assessments of Ventura (EAV) is committed to reducing workplace injuries and associated costs resulting in higher productivity and profits.  We provide ergonomic assessments and education for businesses.  Studies show that ergonomic modifications can greatly reduce employee injuries and increase overall company profits.

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No two workplaces function the same way.  Let us come in and customize a solution to keep your work flow moving forward and your employees and bottom line in good health with the power of ergonomics.


Who is EAV?

Stephanie Joyce- principal ergonomist

Stephanie Joyce MS, OTR/L CEAS is a licensed occupational therapist and certified ergonomic assessment specialist.  As the principal ergonomist for EAV, she will put her training and experience to work for you to collaborate with your team to find solutions to workplace pain points - and where there’s collaboration there’s higher success.  Get in touch with EAV now to reduce your worker’s comp costs and create a healthier workplace.



I'll empower you with the tools to work better, hurt less, and reduce costs.


Customers Say:

I drive 2000 miles a month for work. My back and sciatic nerve constantly ache after long work trips. I hired EAV to look at my work space- my car. Stephanie made adjustments to my driver side that I would have never thought of to allow my posture to be at a more natural state. Three weeks in and I can already notice a difference.
— Jessy R

Stephanie from EAV is very personable and easy to work with. She made many insightful observations about my work habits and work station and adjusted my workstation to help minimize my straining.

Overall, since I met with Stephanie, I am straining a lot less, typing with ease, and feeling great. Don’t wait to get your evaluation—you won’t believe the difference even some minor changes can make in terms of how you work and how you feel!
— Kristen W

Stephanie Joyce is a knowledgeable and experienced ergonomist. She was efficient in her assessment of my workspace, giving me a range of options to improve my work environment. After the in-office assessment, Stephanie provided me with a detailed report that included several recommendations and products to prevent future workplace injury. I appreciated Stephanie’s affable demeanor and concern for my workplace health and safety.
— Tobie M