Let’s talk about what you need


1. Short and Sweet

  • A 30-minute ergonomic overview of a single work station or site
  • Basic suggestions and modifications to reduce risk of injury
  • This is great for for a worksite with only minor issues or needs, such as a chair adjustment, keyboard tray modification, or re-arrangement of equipment for improved efficiency and productivity


2. In Depth Assessment

  • A one-hour in-depth ergonomic analysis of a work station or site
  • Written report with observations and suggestions to reduce risk of injury and pain and to increase productivity
  • A post-evaluation follow-up visit or call (your choice) to fine tune any changes or answer any questions about implementation
  • Most Popular and is ideal for documenting and tracking worksite injury reduction

Bonus: This is great for reducing worker’s comp cases and making sure a minor issue doesn’t become major


3. At Your Service!

  • EAV will be on call for you on a monthly contract basis
  • Includes both the "short and sweet" and "in depth assessment" services for companies looking to implement an ergonomic program
  • Great for mid- to large-size companies looking to evaluate numerous employees' workstations or commit to a long-term subcontract agreement

EAV will be your go to in-house ergonomic consultant and will likely team with your Human Resources or Facilities Department to develop standard processes and procedures.  This is a great way to ensure that injury prevention is consistently implemented resulting in fewer injuries and workers’ comp costs and higher productivity and profits

Group Education

Lets get everyone up to speed on the basics of good ergonomics.  We can create a presentation that educates by engaging your team to  create a safer and more productive environment that has staying power